Shelter Lyrics
シェルター 歌詞 和訳付き
Lirik Lagu Shelter
Tabidachi no Uta Lyrics
旅立ちのうた 歌詞
Lirik Lagu Tabidachi no Uta
Michi ~to you all Lyrics
道 ~to you all 歌詞
Lirik Lagu Michi ~to you all
 Awawawawa XDD 
Kana Nishino 29th single!!
Finally a heart-warming ballad T^T
I really love her ballad songs than the up-beat one
Kimitte etc perfectly showed her best
This song really has a beautiful yet sad lyrics
If you have a best friend who will be a bride in a near future
this song would be a perfect choice
I literally cried the first time I heard this song
Maybe as a friend, 
I couldn't say this much to my best friend T^T
Kanaaaa, how can you write such lyrics T3T 
Dear Bride Lyrics
Dear Bride 歌詞
Lirik Lagu Dear Bride
Hello readers XDD 
I'm back with Aimer's earcopied lyrics 
This is just a translation preparation post 
I'll update soon once I hear the full version 
Stay tune :) 
-Indonesian Translation soon :)-

Akane Sasu Lyrics
茜さす 歌詞
Lirik Lagu Akane Sasu

Stars in the rain Lyrics
Stars in the rain 歌詞
Lirik Lagu Stars in the rain
Hello readers
Amane's here (^0^)/
Still not in mood to translate songs, though
Too much thinking about future (hahaha)

So, here it is, Aimer feat. androp - Kataomoi
This is my most favorite song from "daydream"
Hope you'd like it ^0^

Thanks for waiting for my Aimer's translations. 
Really surprised that I got so many messages
asking me to translate the rest of Aimer's songs again T3T

This song is tooooo cute, imo
Though I can't stand with this word actually, "darling" (hahaha)
Too creepy for my ears (lol)

Oh there's a proverb here
Look for the explanation below  

Kataomoi Lyrics
カタオモイ 歌詞
Lirik Lagu Kataomoi

Koi wo Shita no wa Lyrics
恋をしたのは 歌詞
Lirik Lagu Koi wo Shita no wa
One day Lyrics
One day 歌詞
Lirik Lagu One day

Last Scene Lyrics
ラストシーン 歌詞
Lirik Lagu Last Scene
tone Lyrics
tone 歌詞
Lirik Lagu tone
Finally!! Finished!!
I have checked the lyrics from the booklet,
There's something wrong with the lyrics roaming in the internet,
so I hesitated to publish it before I see the booklet by myself

   Same with insane dream
Hard to like this song
I prefer "tone"

us Lyrics
us 歌詞
Lirik Lagu us
Somehow, I can't come to like this song 
Sounds cool but, not my taste

insane dream Lyrics
insane dream 歌詞
Lirik Lagu insane dream
Gekkou Lyrics
月光 歌詞
Lirik Lagu Gekkou
"Mi wo shiru ame" 
literally translate = "Rains that know our body"
But according to this site, "mi wo shiru ame" = tears
Rains that know our body = Tears
How poetic XDD

Mirai Lyrics
未来 歌詞
Lirik Lagu Mirai
 Got DCMA notice again lalalala~
Kabane = "corpse"
Kabaneri = half-human and half-kabane
neither human nor kabane, is called "Kabaneri"
(according to anime)
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