30MJDLL 2nd Annual Report

Translated by Nakari Amane

I'm a native Indonesian speaker, so please be understanding if there're so many English grammar errors here. In spite of that, feel free to tell me some corrections. Please don't request in fb comment box (I will ignore if you do so) I only do PAID request, read here for details. -How to Request- Feel free to take any contents from my blog but I'd really appreciate it if you could put some credits. Thank you and have a nice day :)
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Happy Birthday to You!! 
Happy Birthday to You!!
Happy Birthday, my Dear Website XDD

Konbanwa XDD
Aah.. This post supposed to be published yesterday.
Too busy too post, just pretend today is October 6th (lol)
Then, it has been two years since I start to translate songs in 30MJDLL XD
Happy 2nd Anniversary XDD my lovely website!
I hope this website could be a big help for many Japanese songs listeners

For this two years anniversary, I'll report some progress I've made in this website. OK, let's start!!

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OK. That's all for this second year. 
Really thanks for many viewers! I can't believe the viewers increase 5 times than the first year!

So happy whenever I read all your comments. I've also add some gratitude words for 30MJDLL viewers for gave me some encouragement to finish my thesis! Finally, I got my bachelor degree just in time.

Can't thank you enough for you, my viewers. For that, I've also commenced an event for this 2nd year anniversary! Special for Aimer's fans in Indonesia!!
Give-away DAWN & Brave Shine!

Here, let me publish the four best Aimer fanmade poems!

Paint Me
Brave Shine Poem
I Pray
 No Title
The night train brought me
when I was in deep AM03:00
I wonder
when will I reach
the end of this journey

Though for now
there are only memories
of the things I lost
and the remnant of me
I paint the crack
Black and black

to the unknown destination
My raged resolution
They said I'll lost it
But I have nothing to lose at all
'cause the bonds are eternal

The night train brought me
when I was in deep AM03:00
The journey doesn't end yet
I'll take another ride
and paint it right
Hey my brave shine
I have a request
Give me the end 
of this eternal holLow wORlD

Many times 
I have withstood enormous pain 
to create 
thousands of those memories
These hands 
will never hold weapons again
To fight this sad fate

A prayer that will go 
beyond the broKen NIGHT
and the prayers 
who will break this dream
Only you can save me

Oh my Polaris
I hope from the void
And the the dolls 
are bored with immortality
Even missed my prayers

I don't know what to do
So i play a rhytm
That the angels can't refuse
Can my dream come true?

So as I pray
Save me from this chaos
My StarRingChild

I Pray
That you could find happiness
With someone, other than me
in the darkness

I Pray
That you could give our memories,
with someone, other than me
deep down of the sea

I pray
I could going back to past,
rephrase those memories,
changing it,
but from now on, 
it's just merely memories

If I hadn't met you,
I Pray,
that You never met anyone,
who could be killed by your ego

If only you could be brave, 
shining in the deep,
with someone other than me,
so she never suffer

But here I am,
in the loop of time,
being with you,
withstand the pain

So, anyone,
give me the sea,
that I could drove and drown,
deep inside

In the darkness, 
I re:pray these chant
I'm awake at AM02:00
Still inside the night train, 
heading into the aimless journey 
called future, 
from dusk to dawn

All the suffocating feeling 
that covered my soul 
in the color of black and black, 
are blown away by the frozen wind

From now on, everything's merely a memory.
A memory that keep me stronger, I shall left behind.
I no longer can tolerate any regret,
I'll write a better story for tomorrow

I'm still praying , I keep convincing myself
I have nothing to be anxious about.
That I have nothing to lose, at all

Thank for all 65 voters who had been participating for this event!
Maybe I can't hold any giveaway anymore. It just depends on time, need to work now (Let it goo, let it goo I'm not student anymoreee~~ haha)

Too many abandoned posts, will be updated them very late I think. Too busy, need to find some job first T_T

Not accepting request for a while, I need to change the way to request songs.

Well, catch ya later~

11.00 PM (GMT+7)

My 30 Minutes Journey to the DreamsLand Lyrics
~Simply a story of mine who love spinning words beyond the sleepless nights~
Nakari Amane 

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