[Fate/stay night UBW ED03] Kalafina - ring your bell -TV Size- Lyrics: English Translation

Translated by Nakari Amane

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非公式歌詞、耳コピー (^0^)
Full Lyrics Here

There you're!! Three girls of Yuki Kajiura's successor lol
They have brilliant voices XDD 
I love Yuki Kajiura's works since Tsubasa Chronicle
Her works seem to hide some mysterious atmosphere imo
I didn't watch any Fate related series. 
But it seems I want to watch Fate from the very beginning series XDD
Anyone? Could suggest me where I must start on the series?

Okay!! I'm in the middle of finishing my grad-thesis, 
but still not in the mood T_T
And I really surprise, um actually I know it'll happen again in times like this
My website access increasing again because of Aimer-san's Brave Shine
Wow!! Especially from Japan!
There I saw a request comment for the ED Theme, too!
Hello, Artyom Moon Archer Pylypenko.
Thanks for requesting!! XDD 
//forgave me another requesters, 
this is really based on my mood to translate
Since it's a TV-Size, it takes me no time to translate hehehehe
OK! This is based on hearing. 
I also use some Japanese's tweets for reference
Forgive me for any mistakes

Enjoy! My first time translating Kalafina's song!
(Maybe I'll do Indonesian translation for heavenly blue, too sometimes)

ring your bell Lyrics
ring your bell 歌詞
Lirik Lagu ring your bell
English Translation - Romanized - Kanji
ring your bell

Lyricist:Kajiura Yuki
Composer:Kajiura Yuki
Arrangement:Kajiura Yuki

If someday, our heart and soul fated to vanish away
At least, I want to sing to my voice limit
A song of happiness and hopeless

Fate is waiting for us
Fate always guides us
Simply to sketch a dream within our lifetime
And dashes away through the sequel of present

In the midst of sleepless night, you cried all alone
Hid the glimmer of your distant future
Serenity is waiting for you
I believe you could climb up the dazzling hill
Towards your horizon, ring your bell
ring your bell

Lyricist:Kajiura Yuki
Composer:Kajiura Yuki
Arrangement:Kajiura Yuki

Itsuka kokoro ga kieteyuku nara
Semete koe no kagiri
Koufuku to zetsubou wo utaitai

Bokura wo matsu unmei wa
Itsudemo tada
Inochi ga yume wo mite
Kakenukeru ima no tsuzuki

Kimi ga naita yoru wa sono naka ni
Tooi mirai no kagayaki wo kakushiteta
Shizukesa ga kimi wo matsu
Mabushii oka kitto yukeru
Kimi no chihei e ring your bell
ring your bell

作詞:梶浦 由記
作曲:梶浦 由記
編曲:梶浦 由記



君の地平へ ring your bell

Romaji Lyrics Transliterated by Me (Amane Nakari) 

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