[Fate/stay night UBW OP02] Aimer - Brave Shine -TV Size- Lyrics: English Translation

Translated by Nakari Amane

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Brave Shine [Anime Limited Pressing]
Brave Shine [Limited Edition] 
Brave Shine [Regular Editon] 

Brave Shine Track List:
01.Brave Shine
02. Ophelia
03. Kimi wo Matsu -acoustic ver.-
    04. AM03:00 -Live "Midnight Sun" ver.- 
05.  Shichigatsu no Tsubasa -Live "Midnight Sun" ver.-
非公式歌詞、耳コピ (^0^)
Last night, was the thirteenth episode airing of Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works
And that's mean Aimer-san's 8th Single, Brave Shine as Opening Theme XDD

As we know, when it comes to anime related songs, 
we tend to find "a new" style of Aimer-san song
Yeah, it's not like her usual style but I like this song. 
Sounds cool song but look at the lyrics
It still her style of lyrics XDD 
Left some sad yet cool impression imo

Ah, this lyrics based on hearing, since it just aired last night.
As always, forgive me for any mistakes
Enjoy XDD 
and let's wait all together for June XDD
Aimer-san I'll keep supporting you!!

Updated with Ophelia -Preview- Lyrics
Check here for preview XDD
Aimer - Ophelia -Preview- 

Brave Shine -TV Size- & Ophelia Preview Lyrics
Brave Shine -TV Size-・Ophelia オフィーリア プレビュー 歌詞
Lirik Lagu Brave Shine -TV Size- & Ophelia Preview
English Romanized Kanji
Brave Shine

Composer:Koyama Hisashi
Tamai Kenji・Ohnishi Shogo

I couldn't wake up from unending dreams
while was hiding frozen desires 
with my left hand

I lingered in the world where nobody knows its end
while was gripping vain memories with my right hand
Thus, unceasing drops of rain keep pricking my body and soul

We need power to protect our beloved one
but weakness made us can't trust ourselves
Just accept all of them,
Let’s search for future of ours

Brave shine
If you try to spread your hands
and still Stay the night
On a scar-covered night, 
You save my life
Beyond the edge of blade you wield,
I entrust prayers of our united feelings
Let it go, surpass time and space

Your brave shine...
Brave Shine

Composer:Koyama Hisashi
Tamai Kenji・Ohnishi Shogo

Hidari te ni kakushita
Negai wa negai no mama de
Samenai yume miteta

Migi te ni wa kara no kioku
Dare mo shiranai sekai no hate
Yamanai ame ni utareteita

Mamoritai mono wo mamoreru tsuyosa
Sore wo shinjirarenakunaru yowasa
Subete wo ukeirete
Ashita wo sagasu

Brave shine
Te wo nobaseba mada
Stay the night
Kizu darake no yoru 
You save my life
Kazashita yaiba no saki ni
Omoi wo kasaneta
Inori wa toki wo koete

Your brave shine...
Brave Shine
Aimer (エメ)





Brave shine 
Stay the night 
You save my life

Your brave shine...

Ophelia - Preview-

Composer:Noma Kousuke

Right now, I wish for all kinds of sorrow cleared away 
So I could have a dream about future in this darken earth
No matter how I stretch out my hands, there’s a sky I can’t reach
I only keep slipping through the remaining days of my life

I merely want to recite a poem of vain hope
Entrust my wish upon the ray of hope reflected on water's surface
and those fluttering petals of flowers
May silence alone be our shield

Ophelia -Preview-

Composer:Noma Kousuke

Ima kanashimi subete nuguisaritai
Kusunda sekai de yume mita mirai
Te wo nobashite mo todokanai sora
Nokosareta hibi sae surinuketeku

Tada hakanasa dake no uta utaitai
Minamo ni sashikomu hikari
Tayutau hana wo
Chinmoku dake ga mimamotte~

Ophelia プレビュー
Aimer (エメ)

作曲:野間 康介

今 悲しみすべて ぬぐいさりたい
くすんだ世界で 夢見た未来
手を伸ばしても 届かない空
残された日々さえ すりぬけてく

ただ はかなさだけの詩 歌いたい

Romaji Lyrics Transliterated by Me (Amane Nakari) 

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