Aimer - Open The Doors Lyrics: Indonesian Translation

Translated by Nakari Amane

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Another cover song
It's cheerful, seems like a happy song.
Just like "Next 2 U", but I think "Next 2 U" is far better.
It doesn't mean I dislike this song,
but just something doesn't "click" with my mind

It's all English again,
It seems my ears just want to listen to Japanese,
*just my another opinion

Indonesian translation soon

Open The Doors Lyrics
Open The Doors 歌詞
Lirik Lagu Open The Doors
English Lyrics Indonesian
Open The Doors
Aimer (エメ)
Lyricist: Keita Haga・Kaori Fukano
Composer: KATE
Always together with you,
nothing can keep us apart, there’s nothing to fear
Our future is waiting ahead, all the days we left behind, all right

When left in the dark alone,
this moment, there’s a feeling that fills my heart and mind
You are not around no more,
looking everywhere for you thinking of you

Anxiety attacking,
I’m forgetting how to breathe, I’m, losing sleep insomnia
I need to hear your voice now,
right by my side whispering, you’re my comfort zone,
I want you with me

Open the doors for you,
but I’m running out the door I opened for you
Future connection, unconsciously, moving closer to our truth,
Over lapping energy, surrounded by bright blue lights

Everything you did for me,
every moment spent together, I thank you with joy
Time will pass us by and again,
no colors gonna fade no more stay gold
This song is from me to you,
thinking what I can do for you, but I have no clue
All I can do for you now,
to be with you now forever as the moment lasts

Words are stuck deep in my heart,
can’t seem to replace my feelings, all emotions overflowing
Our heartbeat in sync to the beat,
my lips touching your lips so soft,
wanna let you know this love for you

Soaring across the sky, I am coming just to be by your side
Holding on to our future hand in hand, pulling you softly to me
Everlasting connection, burning eternal flames

Never ending forever, hold on beyond the happiness the future
All the promises we made,
I promise to keep for they are meant to be kept

Anytime just for you, I will walk with you by your side by side
Future connection, unconsciously, I’ll create everything with you
Image of infinity, path of light to happiness

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