[Fate/hollow ataraxia OP] Aimer - broKen NIGHT Preview Lyrics: English Translation

Translated by Nakari Amane

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 Waaaii waaaaii~~Aimer's new single
I didn't watch or play any Fate series 
but I'm getting excited know this single's for a game.
Aimer's getting more famous.
Spread Aimerism all over the world LOL XDD
By the way, is there something with the capital on that title?
broKen NIGHT ---> Broken Knight lol
Whatever khakhakha
Maybe there's something in this title she wants to tell us.
Ah, I'm thinking too much...
Aaaww~~ my sweetest one
I can't stop listening to its preview
It's tooo cuuuteee
Another sequel of Chiisana Hoshi no Melody 
Gomen ne, as always I can't catch up the English parts T0T
and holLow wORlD is all English too 
A short preview for Aimer's upcoming single XDD
[2014.12.17] 「broKen NIGHT/holLow wORlD」
for the OP theme of PS Vita「Fate/hollow ataraxia」
Check out the PV below: 
PS Vita「Fate/hollow ataraxia」PV 30s
PS Vita「Fate/hollow ataraxia」 PV 60s
broKen NIGHT Preview 
 Aimer 『「broKen NIGHT/holLow wORlD」DIGEST』

broKen NIGHT holLow wORlD my sweetest one -Preview- Lyrics
broKen NIGHT holLow wORlD my sweetest one -Preview- 歌詞
Lirik Lagu broKen NIGHT holLow wORlD my sweetest one -Preview-
English Romanized Kanji
broKen NIGHT
I simply wish upon a flowing of starlight,
for our fingers become one
But those voices I was seeking for,
were resounding in vain
inside a locked garden

A whole red moon
Light and darkness
Time when we take a rest
Unforgiven promises
and those embellished memories
were keep asking for the finale 

Those piles of lovely sins,
those bunches of sweet lies,
and those sleepless grieves
are whispering a prayer
May there will be a glimmer of starlight
shining on these wingless dreams

I simply wish upon an empty future
broKen NIGHT

Nagareru hikari wo
Tada kasaneru yubi wo
Motometa koe wa
Tozasareta niwa no naka
Munashiku hibiku

Mitasareta akai tsuki
Hikari to yami
Madoromi no toki
Yurusarenai yakusoku
Kazareta kioku
Owari wo toikakeru

Kasaneta itoshii tsumi
Yasashii uso
Nemurenu kanashimi
Inori tsubuyaku
Tsubasa wo ubawareta yume ni
Wazuka demo hikari wo

Utsuro na mirai wo
broKen NIGHT
Aimer (エメ)

虚しく 響く


わずかでも 星(ひかり)を

holLow wORlD
Aimer (エメ)

Eternal flame
The hollow world I see
The sorrow deeply I feel
Now they're perfectly burned out

Eternal flame
Just back in my hands
Like a double-edged sword
I don't care

It's time
Now I have to go that way
Cause I got ready to
break my endless days

my sweetest one
All I need is love
Please listen to my voice
I'm a little bit embarrassed but
I'll reaching you
You're my sweetest one
Because you're the one
who have found the meaning
behind these simple words
Surely, forever
I'll be by your side
All I need is love 
Your pictures on the wall, tell me directly
Oh oh oh oh oh~ 
You're my sweetest one 
my sweetest one

All I need is love
Koe wo kiite yo
Sukoshi tereru kedo
Kimi ni todoke
You're my sweetest one
Arifureta kotoba no imi wo
Mitsuketa no wa
Kimi dakara
Kitto zutto
Soba ni iru yo
All I need is love
Your pictures on the wall, tell me directly
Oh oh oh oh oh~
You're my sweetest one 
my sweetest one
Aimer (エメ)
All I need is love
You're my sweetest one
All I need is love
Your pictures are on the wall, tell me directly
Oh oh oh oh oh~ 
You're my sweetest one 

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