30MJDLL 1st Annual Report

Translated by Nakari Amane

I'm a native Indonesian speaker, so please be understanding if there're so many English grammar errors here. In spite of that, feel free to tell me some corrections. Please don't request in fb comment box (I will ignore if you do so) I only do PAID request, read here for details. -How to Request- Feel free to take any contents from my blog but I'd really appreciate it if you could put some credits. Thank you and have a nice day :)
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Happy Birthday to You!! 
Happy Birthday to You!!
Happy Birthday, my Dear Website XDD

Konbanwa XDD
It has been one year since I start to translate songs in 30MJDLL XD
Happy 1st Anniversary XDD
I hope there'd be many viewers access my website and I still can continue translating lyrics forever lol.

For this one year anniversary, I'll report some progress I've made in this website. OK, let's start!!

Total Lyrics
 366 Songs
Total Singers
 143 Singers
Total Page-views
 92.953 page views

Top 10 Viewed Posts
Aimer - StarRingChild
Rihwa - Harukaze
Aimer - StarRingChild Digest Version 
Rena Maeda - Ame Furashi no Uta ~Beautiful Rain~

BUMP OF CHICKEN feat Hatsune Miku - Ray
SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Aimer - StarRingChild -English ver.-
Ikimono-gakari - Love Song wa Tomaranai yo 
Ray - ebb and flow
Mayumi Itsuwa - Kokoro no Tomo
SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Aimer - RE:I AM -English ver.-

Top 10 Viewers by Country
 38862 viewers
United States
 11932 viewers
   8255 viewers
   3870 viewers
   2624 viewers
   2489 viewers
   1613 viewers
   1079 viewers
   1010 viewers
Hong Kong
     794 viewers

OK. That's all for this first year. 
Minna-san, thank you for access my website. I really appreciate it.

I'm really happy with all your comments (especially the harsh one XP lol), facebook's like and share, twitter's retweet, +1 on Google+ and others.

For minna-san who've written comments in my website, I'm really sorry maybe I can't answer all your comments. I didn't get any notifications if you've left any comments. I need to open every post one by one. But if I gave it a facebook's like that's mean I have read it. 

Somehow, it's made me wonder, how come I can smile and feel really happy after read comments from all people I don't know where and who they are...
But still, I can't deny it. Your comments have made me really happy and enjoy translating songs XDD

Aha! Request page, too...
Hahahaha XDD
Thanks for all your request, minna-san
Gomen ne... Maybe I'm too picky on selecting songs. I'll try to translate all requested songs.
Maybe minna-san have forgotten your request but I'll try to translate it as soon as I can T_T  
From now on, I'll keep improving my Japanese & English ability so I can give you the best translation ever lol

Upon read all my translation from the very beginning, there's some awkward Indonesian too. I'll try to fix any awkward Indonesian and grammar-error English.
Aah~ my English is ruined... 
I wish I could back to high school times... 
My English was pretty good that time, yeah THAT time...

Well, catch ya later~

11.00 PM (GMT+7)

My 30 Minutes Journey to the DreamsLand Lyrics
~Simply a story of mine who love spinning words beyond the sleepless nights~
Nakari Amane 

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